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Inter-dealer Brokerage

An international inter-dealer brokerage company realised that they needed a new Business Intelligence system used for Back Office, Finance and Operational reporting. The current system they were using was over 15 years old and they were having on-going problems with the performance and data integrity. Multiple data stores as a result of rapid growth and acquisitions contain a fragmented collection of information. Integrating this information has proven difficult because of the sheer volume of information that these data stores contain and because of the inconsistencies in the way data was captured and defined..

Sineli conducted a client requirement study to determine the needs and requirements of the company to ensure that the Oracle Business Intelligence solution would meet the needs of the client.
At Sineli, we do not believe that one size fits all, so the team quickly analysed the requirements, laid out a plan and designed a bespoke solution to deliver real-time ad hoc reporting, scheduled reporting with alerts and dashboards to meet the clients requirement.

The dashboard provides instant visibility into important key performance indicators and trade patterns and behavior.
What-if analyses enable managers understand the performance of each trade instruments and compare various instruments.
Having continuous access to settled, unsettled and failing trades metrics allows for instant assessment of the health of the business and the ability to take appropriate actions to remedy issues quickly.