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This is a comprehensive Oracle Business Intelligence (BI) suite offered as subscription service delivered securely over the internet instead of as an on-premise software and infrastructure installation.

What Is Business Intelligence On Demand?

Business Intelligence OnDemand is ideal for organisations that want to:

Take advantage of the power and security of the traditional Oracle Business Intelligence (BI) suite without high licensing, deployments and maintenace costs
Want to carry out what-if analysis and make fact-based business decisions that impact your company's bottom line
Easily create ad-hoc query, reports and dashboards from disparate data sources with a high level of complexity
Offload your Infrastructure Costs
We build, host and maintain your Business Intelligence Infrastructure
No more wasted IT time and costs
Software-as-a-service (SaaS)
How Business Intelligence Ondemand Works
We build:
A hosted datawarehouse
An automated process to move data from your data sources into our warehouse.
A data model (Variables, Hierarchies, aggregates e.t.c)
A suite of real-time, interactive reports, KPIs and dashboards